2013-01-14 23:53:13 by emclean

Well, I'm starting another project, but I'm actually going to finish it this time. Hopefully I can get most of the work done in the next few days before school work hits me like a truck, but my upcoming game features bees and social revolution. It's going well so far, but it's still in the early stages of development. It will likely have strategy and action, if everything goes as planned. Can you hatch a new queen and convince other bees to support her in your short life time as a worker bee? Find out whenever the project is finished.


2011-06-15 15:49:13 by emclean

My new short is on its way, an old abandoned project that will soon be finished. I just decided today that I should finish it, and I suspect it will be done in no more than a week. Its a fascinating story about the dangers of reading and what happens when people catch on fire. I wouldn't use it if I was on fire, but its okay if you're not. Some people may wish they were on fire after watching it, because it does pretty much suck so far.

Future Projects

2011-03-10 22:38:45 by emclean

I plan on making something in flash soon. Not sure yet if it will be a game or a movie, or what it'll even be about. It may star the two characters below, or possibly battling dinosaurs. I'm not even sure when I'll be starting, how much time I plan to devote to it. Needless to say, I haven't put much thought into it. I'll figure something out eventually.

Future Projects


2010-09-01 22:25:08 by emclean

What's your favorite thing about monsoons! Whats that? You don't have one? Well then, I guess you're pretty normal. But if you're not, you might enjoy my upcoming project about monsoons. It's very informative, and also interesting. Alright, that last part was a lie... It's totally boring, and the animation sucks, but hey, I'm guessing that if you're actually reading this, you have no life, so you probably won't miss any important social events that occupy the one and a half minutes of the length of this animation.

B.S. Tales preview

2010-04-26 21:42:13 by emclean

I'm making a preview for my B.S. tales. It's not in any scripts, and will probably end up about a minute and a half. I think i'll be done by next Sunday.